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The company was started in 1986 as a partnership company and senior partner was Late Shri Vaghjibhai Patel. Shri Vaghjibhai was in line of supplying ice plant and cold storage machinery on turnkey basis since 1975. He was awarded in 1979 The President Medal for excellence in technology for manufacture of ammonia gas compressor and refrigeration equipment in small scale sector.

He was joined by his elder son Mr. Rasikbhai V. Patel, a qualified engineer after joining the company started regular production of “SHITAL” brand slow speed ammonia gas compressor and equipment like condenser, cooling coil, ice can etc. Due to wide contacts in the field of refrigeration people started more relying on “SHITAL” product and services.

Slowly company started exploring possibilities of export to East African countries where such plants and equipments were require as they used to Import such plant and machineries from U. K. and Europe. After initial entry by the company for its export overwhelming response was received since equipments supplied by the company where equal in quality and workmanship as compared to European product whereas rates were very competitive and speedy shipment was ensured. By this way company entered the export market to Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Yemen etc.

The company has established facility for manufacturing of compressors and equipment like modern machine shop, inspection, assembly line, testing with all type of instruments required for assured quality parameter in this field. Thereby company has modified its facilities for manufacturing efficient and energy saving high speed ammonia gas compressor with single stage and two stage models suitable for operating up to -40 oC to 40 oC with quality control system and testing facilities. The company has made successful trial of newly developed design of energy saving high speed ammonia gas compressors. The company has developed five different models capacity of 40 HP to 150 HP and trial run successfully.

Mr. Vaghjibhai Patel a pioneer to start this industries expired in Feb-2000 however company continued its progress on the path lay down by Late Shri Vaghjibhai Patel. The company is now run by Mr. Rasikbhai V. Patel along with Mr. Kishorbhai V. Patel.

Mr. Rasikbhai V. Patel about 58 years is a Mechanical Engineering and has expertise in many field of engineering industry, particularly production of plant and machinery of Ice Plants, Chilling Plants and Cold Storages. He is engaged in this firm since 1987, which is engaged in manufacturing of precision products. His skill and precision working in field of refrigeration and industrial refrigeration as well as manufacturing of various components of machinery for the said are well known in entire Gujarat. He has completed many turn key projects in various parts of India and abroad. He has successfully implemented the Turn Key Project with Civil Work and Refrigeration system, First C. A. Cold Storage Project in India (Gujarat) in the year 2001.

Mr. Kishorbhai V. Patel aged about 55 years is a Commerce Graduate. He is looking after the administrative and other marketing matter of the Group with the skill of supervision work on Project site and his experience of 25 years for the Turn key project work in India comes handy.

After joining of their sons with Highly Qualified Degree Holders the SHITAL group has started in 2011 as PATMAX ENGINEERS PVT. LTD. is a newly formed company with a due to setup the facility for manufacturing different equipments and project supply. The company started operations in April 2011 for manufacturing equipments for refrigeration projects, Green House Structure, Shell & Tube Condensers and Chillers, Pressure vessels, Components spares and project engineering with Turn Key project supplier for High Tech CA / MA Cold Store, Ripening Chambers and Pack House for Fruits and Vegetables, Frozen crops, IQF etc.

has been started recently and have made venture to make Turn key projects and the Director of the company are as under:-

Mr. Ravi R. Patel (Managing Director) aged about 28 years is a Engineer MSc. in Food Processing and Production Management from The University of Nottingham, UK is looking after the total concept design, project engineering, system design and implementation of Project work under the experience with the family members.

Mr. Jay R. Patel (Director) aged about 23 years is a M. B. A. from University of South Wales, UK is looking after day to day administration work, marketing activities and financial management of the company.

The company is manufacturing refrigeration equipments and the product under the brand name of “SHITAL” which is well known since last 40 years M/s. PATMAX ENGINEERS PVT. LTD. doing project engineering for Turnkey project supplies of C. A. / M. A. Cold Storage, Pack House for vegetables, ripening chamber and freezing plants IQF, Frozen store and any other industrial refrigeration plants. The company is preparing their expansion plan to increase and upgrade the manufacturing facility in the coming year.

The company wishes to expand its activities to produce such plant and machinery equipments on large scale basis since the product is all ready accepted in the market.